Why run this site?


Because I enjoy writing about items that can help people make more informed decisions.  I spend a lot of time before making big purchases educating my self on how things work and how to get the best value.  What I have often found is either a bunch of sites that just touch the surface and don’t say much or sites that have 10-pages of nothing filled with ads to buy their book on the subject.  First off, if someone can’t reveal some of the tips and techniques in the book then I would never consider buying it.  Why?  Because it must not have that much information if they can’t afford to reveal at least some of the tips they are selling.  So, with that said I figured it might be nice to actually have posts, stories, tips, and secrets that actually have substance.  Not a bunch of titles that link to link farms, but real, honest, commitment free information to help point you in the right direction.  That is the goal of each post which are often inspired by actual events.


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If you have informative information on any of the posts please share.  It helps make the site more useful for everyone.


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We are not public accountants, do not work for any consumer advocacy groups, and are not certified tax or mortgage individuals.  We make no claims that we are professionals in any of the areas we post information on.  We make no warranties, guarantees, or claims on the validity of the information.  As such, the information we provide should be used with care and should not be the sole decision in making choices and always confirmed through further independent research or through any professional or regulated government authority (like the BBB or FCC).  Use the information at your own risk, we are not liable for any errors, omissions, miss-representations, inaccuracies, incorrect formulas, or any other item that is missing or not represented.  We strongly encourage you to consult a professional for more advice when making large purchases.  We do our best to post accurate and reliable information, but we are human and may error.  We will promptly address any errors when pointed out.


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