Everyone wants to know how to find money. This page will be dedicated to ways to find extra money or how to make your dollar go further. As I find options, I will add them to the list. I hope to get at least 100-tips on this page. Please check back often.

1. Use programs like Keep the change from Bank of America. This program rounds your purchases up to the next dollar and deposits that into a savings. In CA, they offer to match 5% of your deposits up to $250. Not a bad deal if you use you debit card a lot. If anything this is an easy way to save a little money with each debit card purchase that you really would not notice missing.

2. Starbucks coffee, why do it. Just a friendly reminder a $4 cup of joe per day is $120 per month. What make the coffee so good? I think it is the cup, it is just not the same buying the beans and brewing the coffee at home.

3. Pay bills on line. Let the bank pay the postage. If you have as many bills as I do, the savings can add up.

4. Get direct deposit if your bank waives the fees on your bank account. If your employer does not offer direct deposit, call the bank and see if you have any other options. Sometimes they will waive the account fees if you make monthly deposits to a savings account.

5.  Stop using AOL for dial-up!  If you are I must ask why?  With companies like Netzero you get reliable service for a lot less money per month.  AOL also lets you keep your email and you can just go to AOL.com to view your content.

6.  Don’t leave the tailgate down in your truck!  By lowering your tailgate you break a flow of circular air that resides in the bed.  This air bubble actually has the effect of extending your cab and thereby making your truck more aerodynamic.

7.  Keep your tires inflated to proper levels.  It slightly improves your fuel efficiency.

8.  Check you phone bill each month.  Phone company invoices are very prone to errors.  Odds are, you will find some charge or fee you did not agree to.

9. Make your own lunch.  This one adds up very quick if you eat out every day for lunch.  Food you buy from the store becomes a lot less expensive as it extends into the week.  The other benefit for this one is health.  You can control what you put on your meals and add things like apples instead of fries.

10. Drink Water not soda.  Soda and other drinks during lunch or meals adds $1-$2 per meal.  A soda everyday can quickly ad up to $30-$60 per month.  This one you also get a health benefit.  Who needs soda?  Full of sugar, chemicals, and other things that don’t really do anything for your body.

More coming………………………….