Can you change you health in 30-days?

Can you change you health in 30-days?

Anyone that has tried to count calories, cut back on junk food, or simply try to eat better knows how difficult it is to do a diet.  

Many of the problems with conventional diets are that there are no defined periods and not really any end goals.  They may offer to reduce weight, improve health, or any other health-related benefit, but they never identify when these things happen.  Some happen fast, others slowly, in the end, it is very hard for most to keep them up.

Just like in making money, the secret to any system is one that gives you structure but also gives you opportunities that you understand and from which you can then expand on them.


Are you ready for a diet that can help you achieve these types of results?


Have you ever heard of the Whole 30 diet?  If not, it is a diet that eliminates all foods that can cause possible inflammation so that you can see what your body feels like without the impacts of harmful foods and sugars.

Whole 30 Diet and Results

Whole 30 success

I recently completed the diet and lost 16lbs, eliminated some other problems I had been taking medication for.  In general, feel 100 times better (most of my clothes are now too big for me).

Why does the diet work?

  • It sets a defined time period that lets you know there is an end.  We can all do something for 30-days no matter how difficult. This diet is not easy, but you only have to make it 30-days.
  • It has measurable results.  You will lose weight, reduce your waistline, learn to enjoy more foods, and learn how to cook healthy meals.
  • It has specific rules (a roadmap).  If you follow the rules, can hold to them for thirty days, you will see results.

For 30-days you have now created an opportunity for your health.  What you do with that opportunity can change your life. If you have learned to eat and enjoy healthy food, eliminate most sugar, and continue on that path what does that do for you?  Well perhaps you are one with Diabetes or high blood pressure, if it is food related then it very well could reverse that path. If reversed, you will have lower health expenses, enjoy more activity, and live longer.  That is only one example of thousands that could change your life.


At the end of the diet, you are in control of what you do next.  Hopefully, the benefits you experience will help you understand what foods you can start to eat again and see what they do to your health.  If you want to continue to lose more weight or reach other goals you can.

Remember, if you want to change something in your life the best way to start is with focus and a larger goal deconstructed into smaller tasks that you can measure success over a defined period.

  1. Identify a realistic goal
  2. Break it down into smaller achievable items
  3. Identify a time period based on the achievable items
  4. Follow the rules

Anything can be broken down into smaller pieces.  It is also how many large scale projects or software solutions are typically built.  The more you can break down the larger goal into smaller pieces, the more chances you will have to meet the entire goal.

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