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Update: 9-19-07

I am sorry to say I don’t have much to report.  I must admit, I am a bit surprised that no new dates for the Verizon xv-6800 have been leaked.  That seemed to be the pattern each month.  A new date, a new picture, and another failed estimate.  It was kind of fun watching all the rumors each month.  Holiday season is rapidly approaching and I think we can make a safe bet that it will be released then.   

Update: 8-24-07

I have seen some rumors of new pictures and product road-maps for the htc XV-6800, but I can not confirm any of the information as reliable. Many of the sources had targeted 8/15, but that date has gone and nothing to report. I stand by my estimate that I discussed with a Verizon rep as the target release to be sometime in the holiday season. This makes sense, with delays coming from product bugs and corporate disputes, holding the release to the holiday season puts a little extra push into the marketing. Sprint has their product out and I would not be surprised if Verizon is watching the feedback and response to see if anything can be changed for their product.

I also did check with my PR contact at Verizon again to deny or confirm the rumors. He did not sway either way, so for now we wait.


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Curious about all the comments that I have been reading about the anticipated Verizon XV6800 release, I decided to track down the Verizon press contact to see if I could get any further information. He was very nice and here is what he said:

I haven’t heard of any launch date for this particular phone. We rarely pre-announce a new cell phone months in advance of its launch date — usually only within days of its commercial availability. We’d rather not raise expectations about the launch of our phones or our services and so just announce them when we are absolutely certain that they are ready to be sold in our stores.”

It looks like we will have to wait and see. As noted before and inline with other posts I have reviewed, it seems there may be some last minute bug fixes that keep pushing the release out for this phone. I did find an excellent post from rogerd’s notebook that has some good estimates and very good user comments for the Verizon xv6800. The rumors range from 8/15 to the end of this year. My guess is the end of the year to take advantage of holiday upswings and time for the xv6700 to sell out.

If you do want the xv6700, Verizon is currently running a $100 discount on the phone.

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