Verizon’s Failed Response to ATT and Apple’s iphone!

According to survey supplied by Isuppli (see story), Apple’s Iphone powered by AT&T has out sold all smartphones in the US and is equal in sales to the popular Chocolate by LG.

Even with the hefty price tag, the long term contract and invoice mistakes with AT&T, the sales still accounted for 1.8 percent of all handsets in the U.S. Where is Verizon’s response?

In a article published by USA Today before the release of the Iphone, Denny Strigl – Verizon’s chief operating officer commended Verizon’s decision to pass on the Apple Iphone deal citing hefty demands by apple did not make sense and that ATT’s inferior network coverage would keep customers on Verizon. Later in his statement he also mentions that Verizon will be working on an answer to the Iphone with an un-disclosed manufacturer later this summer.

Hmm, later this summer? I have not seen anything, in fact there has been very little in the way of new phones or superior developments. Look at Verizon’s major campaign right now, red hot deals for the summer, basically selling inventory of all their old phones.

Take a look at the HTC xv6800. It was suppose to come out early this year and then delayed to July. Not only has July passed with no sign of Verizon’s xv-6800, but Sprint has released theirs. The new rumors have Verizon HTC xv-6800 release hitting stores in time for the holidays (October-November is what I have been told from Verizon reps). How many people switched to Sprint’s version of the HTC xv-6800 or bought an Iphone?

It seems Verizon can’t get a phone to market to satisfy their technology consuming customers or business customers. With AT&T and Verizon both claiming to be the number 1 cell phone provider in the US, Verizon is going to have to change its tactics to truly leap ahead. I wonder if Denny Strigl still stands by his decision to turn down the Apple Iphone deal? If AT&T’s network is so inferior how do they remain in a close neck race with Verizon? I know I would be concerned if 1/4 of all new Iphones came from customers not currently on AT&T and I was tied for first with no “admitted” new product in the pipeline.

What do you think?

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