Double Dip, its OK I promise!

One of my first posts I mentioned a site call I was suggesting a friend to sign up for this site and he asked, “can I use my rewards American Express”, off course. Actually, this is a great idea.

If you are not family with Mypoints, they offer points from purchases at 100’s of retailers like Target, Home Depot, Macy’s, Travel companies, home and car loan companies, etc. The service if free (word of warning you get a lot of emails so use a non-primary address or flag them to be put in a folder). For example, one of the current deals is from Target, for every dollar you spend you get 10 points. Considering that it only takes 1,200-1,400 points to get a $10 gift card at most retailers you get your rewards very quick. Spend $120 at target online and you get 1,200 points which can get you a $10 gift card at Pier 1.

Here is where you get to Double Dip! When checking out at Target online use your American Express or Visa that has a rewards program. Not only do you get airline or reward points through your credit card company, you also get reward points through Mypoints.

Offers vary , but through Mypoints at Target you basically get back $.07-$.10 for every dollar you spend. If you have credit cards that offer points that value between $.05-.10 for every dollar then you could be getting up to $.20 for every dollar you spend just by buying things you would normally purchase.

If you have to double dip, this is the time!

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