Verizon Sneaks in New Samsung SCH – i760!

samsungschi760Verizon has just released the Samsung SCH-i760. This phone looks like it has some good features like a sliding keyboard, windows mobile 6, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, voice commands, 1.3 megapixel camera w/flash, and a digital music player. I have been waiting for the HTC xv6800, but since it has not be released and my palm has died I may try this phone. The size seems just a bit smaller than the treo, but the sliding keyboard adds a great advantage. It is nice to see Verizon releasing some new phones as the holiday season approaches. I did also find one more phone that Verizon is suppose to release next month. The Vox, don’t know a lot about it but is by the same company that makes the xv6800.

Has anyone used the Samsung SCH-i760? Feedback or comments on it?


  1. ReplyLaura Ruff

    I got this phone Tuesday and love it! I have had the 6700 and a Q and this phone just doesn’t even compare! It’s snappy and all of the applications work flawlessly. Call quality is excellent. I was told I sounded much clearer than I had on my previous phones. The speaker quality is great for playing music. The best I have heard on a portable device. Battery life is excellent. I think I have only had to charge it twice since Tuesday and I have been playing with it constantly! Love it!

  2. Author

    Thanks for the feedback. I went online to make an order and it is now out of stock. It looks like I was not the only person looking for a new PDA other than the Treo from Verizon!

  3. Replygreg

    Just picked up the I760 on friday 11/2/07!! Had a xv6700 before and liked that once I found one that worked well.
    The 760 is great! Extended battery works well over a day because my daughter and I tried burning it up and at the end of the day we still had over 30% left, tons of internet work. Calls are high quality, the unit feels very well built, easy and fast to use. So far so to find a good belt clip for it. Seidio come on get your act together!!!

  4. ReplyShalyn

    im qettinq an i760 for meh bday. and i really wanna kno sum qood advice about it.. like does it have internet access, aim, etc. somebody willinq to qive meh advice please do.

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