A Road Rage Quiz for the Holiday Traveler!

Good Friday!

As we go into this Easter Weekend I was driving home and noticed all the road rage out there. If you are traveling anywhere this weekend I am sure you will see what I mean.

With that said, I thought up a little quiz so that you can check for yourself if you are a causing heart burn and turmoil to your fellow drivers!

Here you go:

A. When driving in the left lane of the freeway you are:

1. Passing other drivers.
2. Staying away from everyone merging onto the freeway in the right lane.
3. Driving the exact same speed as the person one lane over so that you can admire there beautiful car detailing.

B. When one lane of the freeway is going away by merging into the other lanes and you are driving in that lane you:

1. Plan ahead and get over at the speed of the new lane when there is sufficient space before cars before the end of the lane.
2. Plan ahead and get over to the next lane driving 20MPH less than all traffic.
3. Smile at all the fools in the other lane as you increase speed to double the moving traffic and merge into the next lane only after you have reached the final two feet of the lane of which you are traveling.

C. You are leaving the office early but have to finish up a call, so you:

1. Use your blue tooth device with your mobile phone and finish your call.
2. Use you mobile phone with one hand and use the other to drive.
3. User one hand for your mobile phone with your laptop on your lap and checking your files with the other hand all while steering with your left knee.

D. You are approaching an accident on one of the lanes on the freeway you:

1. Slow down to a safe speed and pass the accident.
2. Slow down to a safe speed and make sure to slow down even more so that you can get a good look at the crushed cars.
3. Completely stop when you reach the accident, roll down the window, pull out your mobile phone and take a picture to send to your friends.

E. A cop is approaching from behind you:

1. Stop speeding but maintain the speed limit.
2. Slow down below the speed limit in case the officers radar is not reading correctly.
3. Slam on your brakes, drop your speed to at least 15mph below the speed limit, and move into the fast lane.

That’s it, for each answer you selected, simply add the number next to the response.

5 points you cause no road rage.
5-10 points, ok not perfect maybe some one called you name in the next car over.
10-14 points, you got some angry folks after you.
15 points, you cause 90% of all the road rage in the US. I would advise you not to leave your car with out protection.

Happy Easter Weekend. Lots of traffic out there, be patient and allow for extra time and most importantly, don’t let the road rage get the best of you!

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