Verizon Centro in stores 6/13….Maybe!

centro smartphone 

Well, in September 07 palm released the Palm Centro.  I thought I would provide an update to the availability of this phone on Verizon.  As of today the palm Centro is still not available on Verizon.  There have been some leaks that the phone should hit the stores this Friday, but if we know Verizon, this will just be a let down.

The pricing is rumored to be $270 with a 2-year contract or $340 for a 1-year contract.  Verizon’s price is substantially higher then ATT and Sprint, but who knows, perhaps they will offer some rebates on top of the price.

It is also rumored that the phone will come only in Blue on Verizon networks.  I am sure Verizon will put its own limits on the phone as well, but we will just have to wait and see.

I suppose we should be lucky that Verizon does not have the contract with Apple for the iphone.  We would still be waiting for the 1st generation phone to come out to stores.

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