Find Who Is Using Your Images

idee The guys over at Idee have launched a very handy product for photographers, or anyone for that matter, interested in knowing how and where a certain image is being used. Simply upload or identify an image you want to search and the tool finds other sites that are using the same image and provides you with the url to the image.

If you are an advertiser and you want to make sure the image you choose for your campaign is unique, simply upload the image and get instant results. For photographers, find out who is using your image without permission.

The search tool is in Beta and you have to apply for an account. I was approved within a day and have had lots of time to play with the tool. One of my companies images was used quite extensively on various websites.

Here is a demo they provide from their blog. They cycle through just 150 sites that use the same image of the Mona Lisa. You can visit any of the sites, kind of interesting the different alterations.

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