How to get money from shopping!

By now everyone knows about credit cards with incentives and rebates for every purchase you make.  Depending on the card you find you can get airline miles, cash back, or free products.

To add to those benefits, I use a site called  I have had a lot of success with this service.  As you buy products from any one of the many online retailers, you recieve points towards real gift certificates.  With some of the incentives, it is easy to quickly accumlate enough points to earn nice cash certificates.  To make it better, they have arrangments with companies like Target, Lancomb, Macy’s, Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, Home Depot, etc.

Each retailer has programs that gives you points for either signing up (such as a credit monitoring service) or purchasing from the retailers online store.  Home Depot for example, offers 10-points for every dollar you spent.  So you spend $100 you get 1000 points, not bad considering that 1-2K points can get you a $10-15 gift card at many retailers.  Some offers are better than others, you just have to find them.  I bought some gifts through various retailers and spent around $125 to get almost 3K points.  At 3,500 points I can get a $25 gift card at Macy’s or Home Depot.

If your going to spend the money and don’t mind shopping online try this service out.

Ok, what is the catch?  Well, you get an extremly large amount of email from the service.  Thats it.  If you don’t have filters on your email to keep your inbox clean, simply open a free email account with Yahoo, Netzero, MSN, Google, etc. and use that as your email to sign-up.  From there begin collecting your points!

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