Allusive Verizon XV-6800

Verizon XV 6800 See More Engadget

Many of the rumors had the Verizon XV-6800 coming to stores by the end of July. I currently use a palm device powered by Sprint but want to switch to this phone when Verizon lets the public have it so I have been following the news. This phone originally was ready back in December and probably not released due to the age of the HTC 6700 that Sprint currently offers. has great info on the details about the legal dispute between Qualcomm and Broadcom. With that resolved and the age of the 6700 no longer an issue, it is a mystery why Verizon has not released the phone to the public. With Sprint releasing its version “The Mogul” and ATT with the Iphone, Verizon seems to be missing the boat.

I recently asked a Verizon rep. and their response was the phone still has some bugs and has gone back for testing (which also is similar to the response found in’s follow up post). “Now that it is so late in the year we should expect a holiday release” is what I was told. That is quite a long wait and many customers to lose to Sprint and ATT. No value here, just a good way for Verizon to upset their loyal customers.

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