Some quick tips to take better 4th of July pictures!

It is that time of year again, fireworks, family, and BBQ’s. Hopefully you will be on your way to see some fireworks this year and here are some helpful tips to get some better pictures of the amazing light shows.

1. Stabilize your camera – This is probably the most important. When taking photographs of fireworks, any movement at all will give you a blurry image. Use a tripod, if you don’t have one you can pick up mini ones from any major retailer for $10-$30. If you really want to ensure your camera is stable during the whole picture, buy a remote trigger. If you have a point and shoot that does not offer this attachment, you can use the auto timer. Set it for the minimum time available and go for it. Timing will be difficult, but I am sure you will have plenty of opportunities.

2. Turn off Auto Focus and set your camera to infinity. The auto focus will have a difficult time giving you the correct focus. If you don’t trust this or don’t know how to, try setting your camera to the landscape or night mode. This may help your camera determine the correct focus. Most importantly, try a few settings during the show incase you don’t have the settings right.

3. Use long exposures. You want the camera to capture the light leaving the ground and exploding in the air. A good time is usually four to six seconds. Again, experiment as you will get many different results. To long and you will get a giant color ball, to short and you will get a non-impressive dot.

4. Don’t use a flash. Forget about it. A flash will only wash out the foreground or interfere with the lights of the fireworks.

That’s it. These won’t guarantee you a perfect shot, but it may help your pictures look a bit more impressive when you send them to your friends and family. Have fun and don’t be afraid to try different settings.

Happy 4th!

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