Warning if Shopping this 4th of July

Last night I was online getting ready to buy some Polk Audio Speakers for my living room from Crutchfield.com.  I had done some quick research last week on the speakers and was ready to pull the trigger when to my suprise the price had jumped almost $100 dollars.  Last week the price was $179 for the pair of RC801 in ceiling speakers, last night they were $249, and now this morning they are $149 ($100 discount).

However, I had compared prices with Circuit city and their price was $229 last week and $329 this week.  I thought maybe it was just those speakers, so I checked the price on a set of Boston Acoustics I was looking at last week.  Circuit City had them for $179 last week and they are now listed for $269.

Just a word of caution, prices may have been raised this weekend for non-sale items to make up for the big sales on other products.

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