10 Ways To Keep More Of Your Money

10 Ways To Keep More Of Your Money

Here are 10 Simple ways to stretch your dollar:

1. Use websites like Retailmenot. This site will help you find the most recent coupons to most of your favorite sites.  Never buy something online without checking there or similar sites.

2. Double up on points. Many sites offer loyalty rewards.  Become of member of the loyalty program and use your favorite credit card that you have enrolled in for points to double up your rewards.  Sites like MyPoints will give you points for spending money at hundreds of your favorite websites plus you can use your credit card to get additional points.

3. Pay bills on line. Let the bank pay the postage. If you have as many bills as I do, the savings can add up.

4. Don’t pay bank fees. With all the trouble the large banks have been through the last few years, they have really increased the fees for the average customer.  If you move to a credit union or some of the investment banks like Charles Schwab, you can often waive many of the fees charged by the large banks.  Every bank is different and you will have to shop for the best bank that fits your profile to find the best deal.

5.  Limit those monthly fees!  Everywhere we look sites are asking for small monthly payments.  Our phones, our music, our security, etc.  These expenses can really add up over time.  Make sure that the services you pay on a monthly basis are truly adding value and entertainment that are worth the expense.  Many times you can find similar services for one time payments.

6.  Buy a used car!  I know it is not as exciting as a brand new car, but buying a car that is two years old can save you a considerable amount of money due to the depreciation of the average car.  Be careful for the certified cars offered by dealerships as they can often be over market priced.  Do your homework and find the perfect new used car.

7.  Fight those medical bills.  Millions of Americans struggle with expensive medical bills.  Often bills can add up when there is no insurance or the insurance company does not pay the entire amount leaving you with bills you can not afford.  It does not always work, but simply calling the office or hospital that you have incurred charges at and asking them for reductions can sometimes go a long way.  They have to make their money to, so they are not always willing, but taking a positive attitude and letting them know you need help will sometimes favor you and get you a discount on the fees you owe.  Also be sure to check how they have coded your procedures if the amount you owe is due to an amount not covered by your insurance.  Often a simple miss-coding can mean the difference between an approved claim and a denied claim.

8.  Bundles are not always cheapest.  Phone companies are pushing bundles everywhere we look.  Combine your internet, voice, cell, and TV to save.  Truth is, the bundle may not save you depending on the services you need.  For example, there are many cell phone companies like Straight Talk that use networks like Verizon that will give you much lower rates for the same quality services.  If you don’t need the full cable and a land line, then it would be better to go with a company like Straight Talk and build the other services from other providers to the right level.  In the end you might save more that way then with the bundle.  Off Course if you use max data, want all the channels, and need six land lines, bundle away, it will probably save you.  Do your homework to see how it fits your case.

9. Drink Water.  It is good for you and it is cheap.  Add a bit of lemon or lime if you need to.

10. Buy concentrate cleaning supplies.  The price per ounce for something like Windex concentrate is much lower then buying the normal bottle.  Simply buy some extra sprayers and add water per the instructions.

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