Ten Truths of a Good Car Salesman

Ten Truths of a Good Car Salesman

Car SalesSome time ago we posted the the Ten Lies of a Dirty car salesman.  Due to the popularity of that one post, it should be noted that not all car salesmen are swindlers selling snake oil!  In fact, the vast majority are good caring people wanting to truly help you make a wise and informed purchase.  Give them some credit and here are the things you look for:


Here are Ten things to look for to see if your car salesman is working for you:

  1. They are patient with your needs.  A good car salesman will work with you at your speed, not theirs.
  2.  They are not pushy.  A good car salesman can take you through the process without being pushy.
  3. They can answer your questions!  Ever notice that some salesmen cannot answer simple questions?  Make sure you work with someone who can so that you can make an informed choice.
  4. They are indifferent to the way you want to buy (cash, lease, finance).  They should be able to tell you the differences and costs of each method.  If they push you one way, make sure they tell you why.
  5. They respect your time.  We have all been there, the salesman disappears and does not come back for 30 minutes.  A good salesman will respect your time and check in with you when other things are holding up the process.
  6. They follow up with you.  As you know, you should never buy a car on the first day you go looking unless you have a pre-planned offer you are buying.  A good car salesman will follow up with you after your visit and thank you for your time and interest.
  7. They sell you what you want, not what you think you want.  They listen to your needs and take you to car models that have what you want and need with little extras beyond what you are looking for.
  8. They break down the costs for you.  Let’s face it, buying a car can be complicated with the add-ons and features.  Many times, car trim levels can be confusing and hard to understand all the differences.  A good car salesman will know how the car manufacturer prices the models and explain other options to you that don’t force you to buy a higher trim level than you need.
  9. They are pleasant and respect you.  Should not matter who you are how you are dressed, a good car salesman will treat you with respect.
  10. They never use words like “Today only” or “We never go this low”.  Fact is that may or may not be true, but in most cases, those are just sales tactics to get you to react with a sense of urgency.  Since you can never know if they are saying the truth or not, it is safe to assume they are just using an old sales trick.

car leaseWhen buying a car, you need to be assured that the car salesman is working for you with your best interest in mind.  A fair car salesman will do this while keeping the dealership happy as well.  If you don’t see all of these traits, simply come back another day or try a different salesman.  Remember in most cases there is not an urgency to buy the car the same day you go shopping.  Good Luck!


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