Can you make money from your blog?

Is it possible to make thousands from your blog?

The answer is yes, but it is not easy.  To be successful and make a lot of money with a blog you have to have time to dedicate it to, an audience, be interesting and responsive, and have content.  These are not always easy to succeed at.  If you look at any of the successful blogs or sites, they typically have a staff, writers, and web programmers. 

However, that is not to say that you can’t be successful.  It just might not be in the scale you want.  Most blogs that fall within 1-10K unique users per month are probably going to only make $1-$100 per month depending on how well you monetize your site.  That in itself is an art form.  You can have 300K users per month, but not well laid out may only generate $100 per month in revenue.

Here are your typical options:

Google adwords

Affiliate Links

Text Advertising

Banner Space

Selling products


Classified ads

I will review these in an in-depth series about Monetizing your site when I have time to do more research on each one. 

For now, here is a site I found that is quite interesting and entertaining to follow.  The author of the blog posts his progress, his hits, the types of ads he uses, and is very responsive to his reader base.  This is a great place to introduce yourself to the type of work that is involved to make money with your blog.  As you will see, the author obviously spends a lot of time reviewing other sites, building links, writing posts, and responding to people.  His site is both entertaining, helpful, and interesting. 

Much more to come on this topic!

Good Luck with your site! 


  1. Author

    I have not started that portion to heavily. My goal is to get good content that people can use and then begin to monetize the site. I try to add new content daily with helpful insight, but I spend a lot of time constructing them and finding places for users to go, so I am a bit slow.

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